Tuesday, October 7, 2014

BSNL : Voicemail Activation | Setup & Costs

By Activating Voice mail in BSNL, we can stay connected and send / receive important communications with your dear ones, family members and friends even if the phone is switched off , not reachable in remote locations , busy or in flight mode.

This article explains the procedure to activate Vodafone Voice mail, Setup Voice mail and How to use BSNL voicemail effectively. Voice-mail Procedure is same for both Vodafone Post-paid and Prepaid customers.

Activating voice mail is nothing but forwarding your incoming all to BSNL voice mail box number under certain conditions, like when you are in another call, your phone is switched off , your phone is in flight mode, your phone is in not reachable location.

So under such conditions you dont need to miss the call by redirecting them to your Voice mail. The person who tried to reach you will leave a short voice record in your mail , that you can hear it later whenever you have time.

Expand the below topics one by one to know more.

>>To activate & Setup Voice mail

You can forward the calls to voice mail in three categories. You can activate the following categories separately as per your choice
  • Divert calls to Voice mail When Busy : To activate Dial  **67*your BSNL number# and press send.  For Deactivation Dial ##67#
  •  Divert calls to Voice mail When no answer : To activate Dial  s**61*your BSNL number*20# and press send.  For Deactivation Dial ##61#
  • Divert calls to Voice mail When you are not reachable : To activate Dial  **62*your BSNL number# and press send.  For Deactivation Dial ##62#

>>To receive / Hear Voice mail

You will receive a SMS alert to your Mobile when you have a new voice mail.
If you need to hear your voice mail messages from landline, then Dial 9415017000
Now enter your BSNL number and default password 1234 to hear the voice mail.

If you are calling from your BSNL mobile number , Dial 17000
Enter your default PIN code 1234
Regularly delete the voice messages by hearing the computer Voice menu.

>>To send Voice mail,

You cannot send a voice record in voice mail service.There is another service called BSNL voice SMS through which you can manually send a voice sms to a desired BSNL mobile number

>>Costs and Charge for Voice mail

There is no costs for retrieving voice mails in BSNL to BSNL mobile phone.
If you call from landline or while Roaming, the the normal  call charges will be applicable.

It is also advisable to change the default password for your voice mail box to ensure confidentiality for information.

Voice mails are familiar in Western countries, but in India Voice mails do not used as much, One of the reason is the Indian People mindset is they need immediate response for mobile phone calls, and another reason is the doubt that the mail is heard by the receiver or not.