Friday, August 8, 2014

Android Smart Phones: To install apps not available in your country in Google Play Store

In Google play store , some of the apps will show the message “ This item is not available in your country” .
Aptoide Item not availbale in your country easy install procedure

We would not be able see Install Option  Button itself in such case.

You don’t need to change VPN. You don’t need to root your device. There is a simple method than these two without rooting and VPN .

If you are using Android smart phone, then go to settings ->security ->Device administration. In device administration enable the option Unknown Resources.
This option will allow you to install the apk files manually other than the play store.

Okay. Now Install an application called Aptoide. This app is not available in Google play store. So get it directly from the official website

This app is similar to Google play store, Apple I tunes .

After Installing Aptoide app in your device, just open it and search for the app that is not listed in your country.You will be surprised to see the Install option is enabled here.

Then what, Just go head. Install it and tap your shoulders yourself.

If your friend has the app already, then you can get apk file directly from him . You don’t need to install Aptoide in this case.

Error 2 :Item not listed for your device

If you receive this error, then  you should upgrade your android OS of your device. Even after , if the same error comes, then it means that the app you are trying to install is not modified to your OS. Just report to the app developer about the issue or search for a similar app around the internet world.

If you face difficulty still , then post your issue in the comment section . We will crack it out.

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