Friday, August 8, 2014

How to register and Transfer / Pay Bills through Airtel Money

 Registering with Airtel Money:

  • Register for Airtel money with your details and by creating your 4 digit mPIN

Load cash in my Airtel Money

  • You can load money in Airtel with your debit card, Net banking or Credit card option.

Transfer Money from Airtel Money : 

  • After 24 hours of loading cash , you can transfer it .
  • You can pay bills, recharge DTH like sun direct immediately after loading cash.

Drawbacks and Cons of Airtel Money:

  • Commission fee is very high for each transaction. Customers may ask question that why should I use your Airtel money ,when I can able to do these activities without any commission.
  • If your M-pin is known to your friend or someone, then your cash is not safe.
Advantages and Pros of Airtel Money:
  • Can do transfers and recharges on the go even on Holidays .
  • One can feel secure as money is stored in digital cash.

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