Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ten Things Google made Simple And Easier using the Google's SEARCH BOX

7.Compare two familiar products in Google box
If you want to compare two products like fruits, vegetables and similar things , just type the product names with keyword vs in between the two product names. A brief comparison chart will appear immediately which consists of peculiar information about those product.


7.Bananana vs apple google knowledge graph

In Google search box, type banana vs apple
A compact table which contains a comparison chart is now visible in your browser. You don’t need to browse inside some websites to get these information. This feature is called Google’s knowledge graph.

6.Know important days of your country
Many times we wish to know ,at which date , a specific function or country event occurs. Google made the process too easy. If you just type the name of the event or day, then the date at which the event fall will be displayed immediately.



In Google search box, type republic day
You will be surprised to see the date that is shown corresponding to the republic day. Now try for your favorite events in Google box.

5.Watch live status of live events  
Whether it is a football match or cricket match, google will display the scorecard up to date . Yes, we can see the scores and results of matches that happens on live.


5.Cricket live score in google search box
In Google search box, type cricket score
A brief summary including score, results of the matches happened today will be displayed. You can try this for any football or tennis match too.


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