Tuesday, August 19, 2014

10 Things Google made Simple | Easier using the Google's SEARCH BOX

10.Finding Current Time of Any Place
Here after no need to search for a time zone convertor to know the time of different places around the world.
Just two words and single click will show you the live time of a particular place in Google.


Finding Current Time of Any Place
If I need to know the current time in London , I just want to type London time in Google box. Immediately the current digital time of London will be displayed below the search box.
Now try this technique to know the time for your favorite places around the world.

9.Google’s Simple and Advanced Scientific calculator
Already the hardware calculator has become as an extinct product and people moved towards excel calculator and calculator apps.
But if you see Google calculator once , then you will get attracted to this simple and awesome calculator feature provided by Google.


Google’s Simple and Advanced Scientific calculator
Just type calc in the Google box. Now the magic happens. Yes, a cute compact calculator will be displayed immediately where you can perform a range of simple, advanced and scientific calculations very easily.
Here after, Start doing your homework calculations using Google's calc.

8.Find answers for popular formula of Mathematics
Here after we can find the area, perimeter, radius, length etc. using Google search box itself. Most of the simple geometric features like circle, square, rhombus, triangle etc. can be computed in Google box.


Find answers for popular formula of Mathematics

In Google search box, type area of circle
At once you finished typing this phrase, a brief box which contains formula related to circles and a simple representation of circle will appear. You can input and find any of the parameters you wish to find. Just try how its working.
You can also try for other geometric shapes like rhombus, triangle etc. 


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