Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ten Things Google made Simple And Easier using the Google's SEARCH BOX

4.Unit Convertor  
This function is similar to calculator function. It contains variety of units like time, weight, length, computer data units like MB to GB conversion and so on.


4.Unit conversion in google search box

In Google search box, type unit convertor
Unit convertor will appear with from and to boxes. You can select the desired units you want to know. Just try to convert miles into kilometers using this box. This would be really fun.

3.Currency Conversion  
Currency conversion is a part of unit conversion. But it has an extra peculiar feature that is history of the currency values will be shown in graph for past ten years and more.


3.Rupee currency conversion

In Google search box, type 1$=
After the currency box appears, you can choose variety of currency values you need to compare with your country currency.

2.Google’s Knowledge graph  
Google knowledge graph receives both positive and negative comments from the critics. It simplifies the search thirst for a particular information. At the same time it drastically reduced the page views of familiar websites like Wikipedia, imdb etc.
Many of us might already experience this feature knowingly or unknowingly. If we type a person name, a brief information from Wikipedia is grabbed and displayed is Google home page itself.


In Google search box, type issac newton
A brief compact information about Issac Newton will be displayed in right corner of the search page. Similarly we can search for a company name, movie name, product name etc. Just check your favorite now.


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