Tuesday, July 22, 2014

How to automatically kill closed apps in android without Installing any external Apps and save battery life for long time

The specialty of android OS is , the battery consumption mostly depends on the apps running in foreground and background.

By killing the unnecessary apps that runs in background even after we closed it or come out of the app, we can save so much battery.

We don't need to install any external apps to do this activity. We can just make this by change a small setting in android phone settings.

Procedure for automatic killing of Apps running in background :

1.Go to settings and select developer options.

                           Android developer options automatic kill app technique    

2.Inside developer option settings look for the Category - Apps

3.In apps category enable the option "Dont keep activities" . If you enable this option, automatically if you leave or close a application , it will be killed.

So you can save a lot of battery by avoiding unnecessary running of applications in your smartphone. 

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