Friday, July 25, 2014

How to unlock Developer Options in Android Phones and having more fun with your Smartphones

Developer Options in Android Operating System is Provided only for those who are willing to experiment with their smart phone by trying with few peculiar options of our Android smartphone.

Are you ready to do experiments with your smartphone?

Before experimenting we have to unlock, (ie) enable developer options in your phone if you are using it for the first time. Initially the developer options will be in disabled state set by your manufacturer.

To unlock the developer options in Android OS:

  1. Go to Settings menu and look for the option About phone. 
  2. Go to the bottom of the option list and you will find an option called Build Number. 
  3. Here is the funny trick.Now you have to tap seven times continuously on the build number. After three or four taps a pop up message will be shown like you are three taps away to unlock developer options.
  4. Did you finished your seven taps? Now developer options for your smartphone should be unlocked

How to Get in to the developer settings:

Simple. Now come out to the home screen. Go back to settings. Now above the About phone option , you can see the developer options. Just tap it on .

What are all the things you can do inside developer options as a developer:

1.Take Bug Report :

    Obviously when developing something, there would be bugs. You can get a bug report when tapping on this option. This report can also be sent to google developer community or to the manufacturer developer community.

2.Set Desktop backup password:

Click this option to set a password for your android desktop data. Just it will keep all your data much protected from data theft.

3.Keep the screen active while charging your phone

I didn't get the idea behind this option but enabling this option will allow your mobile phone screen to remain active even at the time of charging and it will not go to sleep. If you do not want this facility , then keep this option as unchecked.

4.Protect your SD card

By default this option will be enabled that means your external memory card will be protected by default. But some developing application or rooting application may need to reed your SD card data frequently. So, if your are sure what the application is going to be read in you SD card, then play with this option.

5.Debugging Options:

Few options like USB debugging, power menu debug reports (you can get debug report when you press power menu) , allowing mock locations are available in this debugging options category.

6.Input Options:

          These set of options would be really interesting , funny and also informative. You can see a white circle wherever and whenever you touch the screen by enabling the option Show Touches
          Pointer Location: You can see scribbles on your screen when you move your finger on the screen. It is used to record the location of the pointer versus time. As a fun part , you can play with your friend by enabling this option in your phone or your friend's phone.

7.Drawing Layout:

Enabling Layout bounds will show the boundary boxes of all options available in the screen. You can see the clip bounds, margins etc.
Similarly you can view GPU view updates flashing inside the windows when drawn with GPU. You can see hardware layer updates, GPU overdraw, surface updates, etc..
Apart from these drawing options you can zoom up your screen animations by setting the scale in terms of X.

8. Monitoring Options:

The CPU usage statistics will be shown in the top right  corner of the screen and it will be updated every two to three seconds based on the usage of the operating system.

9.Apps Manipulating Options:

A set of options like automatically destroy apps when you leave and come out of the apps ; limiting the number of background process that can be run behind the screen can be controlled by these app controlling option sets.

Some of the above illustrated options may be funny but most of the options are really needy for developing activity and they should be used with care and you should be aware of the consequences of every options.

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