Tuesday, January 28, 2014

How to talk with Customer care in Aircel | Airtel

It is very mandatory of pressing all the numbers in your keypad when you dialing the customer care number.

So, we cannot avoid these. So I am just providing the numbers that you can dial and call the customer care for Aircel, Airtel etc.

Not only for Aircel . The TRAI has ordered all network including Idea cellular, BSNL, Airtel, Vodafone, Docomo to have a common number for hearing complaints from their customers..

And the number is 198

It is a toll free number and when you call to 198 there will be set of options and you can choose correct option you have to complaint or to get clarification. Finally you will get an option to contact customer care, most probably number 9 and can complaint to them.

For Aircel , they have another number . 121
But this number is not free. You will be charged one INR for every 3 minutes. Anyhow it will be announced at the beginning when you dial this number.

So it is better to try 198 at first and at the worst case, or any urgent case call 121 and tell your complaint.

These two numbers are common for Aircel -Tamilnadu ,Westbengal, Karnataka, and other Aircel zones.