Wednesday, January 29, 2014

How to create (print) tiff file in windows 7

If you get migrated from windows XP to windows 7 or later then you might feel the disappearance of Microsoft office document imaging .

Without MODI, it is not possible to print a tiff file.

By default windows 7 does not have Microsoft office document imaging software. Instead they provide one note application in which you can create a similar kind of file format. But the file format is not favorable and not so universal as tiff file.
So if you need to print a tiff file , you have to install MODI manually in windows 7 with the help of administrator rights.

If you are not able to install MODI manually , then you have to go for some other options.

It is possible to make tiff file online. If the file to be made as tiff should be uploaded into the online tiff creating website. It will convert the document and provide you the tiff. But confidential office documents should not be uploaded online due to security issue.

The final option is to convert the separate application which converts pdf , jpeg , png images into tiff format.

There are many free and priced software available in internet to convert all files into tiff files.