Monday, January 27, 2014

Windows: Hide multiple Internet Explorer tabs opened on task bar | Task bar Customization

There is no doubt that many of us might get the annoying experience of viewing multiple windows of internet  explorer in taskbar for each newly opened tabs.
internet explorer windows multiple tabs open disable
We can easily disable this and set individual preview of tabs of IE in task bar.

Follow these steps to get rid of the multiple , individual tab preview in IE 7 ,IE 8, IE 9,IE 10,IE 11 and above.

1.Open internet explorer ,whatever version you have.

2.Go to Internet Options.

3.Look for tabs Option. It will be under General

4.Now click tabs button or settings button near tabs .

5.Now a set of check /uncheck (disable) options will be displayed.

6.Here you have to uncheck (disable) the option Show preview for individual tabs in the task bar*

7.Restart Internet explore. Now try to open multiple tabs .But you will see only one icon in the task bar.
   Now your internet explore will become like other browsers like Mozilla and chrome.

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