Monday, January 27, 2014

How to connect or tether internet from android phone to laptop and PC ( Bluetooth tethering)

This article will explain how to connect internet from your android mobile phone to your laptop or PC through Bluetooth.

So, it is mandatory that Your PC or Laptop and mobile device should have Bluetooth and they should be in Bluetooth cover able distance.

The process is very very simple and i will explain as brief as i can.

Step 1 : Switch on Bluetooth both in your android smart phone and also in your laptop or PC

Step 2: In your laptop ,Go to Add devices/Printer and search devices and pair your android mobile phone with your laptop.

Step 3:Now a separate icon will be created for your android mobile phone.

Step 4:Right click on the icon and choose Connect using --> Access Point

Step 5: You should make confirmation on your mobile phone and in your laptop whenever it is asking.

Step 6:Now switch on data connection in your android mobile phone and ensure that you have make necessary settings for internet browsing. If you are able to browse in your  mobile phone, they you should also be able to browse in your laptop.

Warning :

If you are a connecting from dual sim mobile phone, be sure that in which sim you are enabling the data connection. There is chance to loose  talk time if you show carelessness.

Always subscribe for a unlimited plan or otherwise keep very minimum balance in your internet browsing sim. It will save you lot of money . I am writing this based on my experience.

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