Friday, January 24, 2014

How to connect or tether internet from android phone to laptop and PC ( USB tethering)

Many of us might got bored in browsing in the small screen of the android mobile phone and wishing to connect your android mobile phone to your laptop or PC and to connect internet from android mobile to laptop.

This article will explain the technique.

Step 1 : Check whether you are able to browse internet in your android mobile itself. If it works you can go to the process.

Step 2: Connect you android mobile to laptop through USB cable.

Step 3:Now ensure that your mobile is detected in your laptop or PC

Step 4:In your android mobile phone go to Settings --> More -->Tethering &portable hotspot.
           Enable USB tethering checkbox in the menu.

Step 5:Wait for 5 seconds . Now you can see that internet notification icon in your laptop is automatically changing and when it is fully changed, it means that you are connected to internet.

Step 6:Now you can start browsing internet,download movies , play games are anything you want in your laptop.

The technique explained above is called as USB tethering and also there is another technique called Bluetooth tethering which is explained in upcoming article.

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