Thursday, August 15, 2013

Aircel-Free 3G for one month - New plan introduced

It is your chance to experience free 3G internet at high speed on your laptop or android smart phones absolutely for free in Aircel for one month.
YES. There is no tricks here. Aircel introduced a new official plan for Aircel customers to experience the power of 3G. But there are few limitations. But still it is free of cost , you can neglect the limitation and fully enjoy free 3G.
Let me explain how to activate for free 3G in Aircel.

Activating to this free 3G pan is simple. TO activate just dial *122*456# from your mobile phone using Aircel prepaid sim card.

Before activating this plan , ensure that 3G is enable in your sim card. If not first activate 3G by sending an SMS like START 3G to 121

Then activate the free 3G plan that i have said already.

Suddenly you will receive an sms from Aircel regarding the confirmation of free 3G plan is activated in your mobile phone.

Limitations and Restrictions:

You can use free 3G only in the morning between 6 AM to 9 AM . Beyond 9 AM , you will be charged normal charge for charge that is very high.

Daily 3G limit is 200 MB . If you consume 200 MB before 9 AM then the speed will be reduced to 32 Kbps. that means 4 kilo byte per second which is very slow.

This plan is for one time only and you cannot renew it.


 Note the date you are activating the offer, and after 1 month stop using this service .Otherwise you will get 3G charges for your browsing.

If you like the 3G speed , there are super smart unlimited 3G packs starting from 198 rupees. You can make use of it to browse faster internet in your mobile and PC.