Sunday, August 11, 2013

Eimimo : Fake or Real - Genuine review

Eimimo is a Scam Program by User's Personal Experience

Lot of people trying for making money online through variety of methods. Some people are eager to earn money through blogging, some of them try to make money through foreign exchange, few people wish they are get paid for reading sms in their mobiles.

Some others earning through blogging. You can also earn through playing games online. But this article is about , you can get paid for reading emails and some articles. Yes, you can get some decent amount for reading emails.

There is a  scam website named through which they promised you can earn money in dollars for just reading the articles posted in their website.

You can get 10 $ immediately when you signup as a bonus reward and you can add up your wallet by reading the emails .

One special cheating thing about this website is you can get one revenue share of this website each time you withdraw a  $20 checkout. And for lifetime it will continue to pay you for the share.

Well, here comes the final scene. One fine day, the website was stopped using a common error message called "Suspended"

Payment Proof:

There is no trust able payment proof submitted by the Eimimo website or other users.
You have to earn minimum of 5$ in reading emails even if you reach 20$ by other revenue share or bonus program.

I am active in Eimimo for around 3 years and still I am able to collect only 2.8 $ in reading mails. So, I couldn't request a cheque in three years.

So , it is not bad to conclude Eimimo as a scam website. Still you wanna try this website, then you are welcome.