Friday, August 16, 2013

Capitel Connect- High speed Universal 3G data card - User Review

I have bought an Capitel connect universal sim 3G data card , one year back. Here i just share my experience of using this Capitel connect 3G data card.

First of all , people were thinking that the capiel connect data card is only for BSNL sim card. That is not true. We can use simcard of any network in the capitel connect data card.

The only thing is the sim card must be activated with 3G and you should have proper 3G signal coverage in your location. If there is not 3G signal available in your area , then you can use 2G EDGE signal to browse with slow speeds.

When i bought the data card one year back, the price was 1800 INR. Recently i have inquired the price of this data card in the market and also online and it was around 1850 INR. There is no too much difference in the price . But you can get 3G data card with same speed even for cheaper prices. For example micromax introduced an universal high speed data card for 1600 Rupees. You can use this micromax data card as a pen drive storage device by inserting an microSD memory card upto 32 GB.

And also you can use that micromax data card as memory card reader . The signal strength also very nice when compared to the capitel connect data card.

Actually i switched to micromax data card after the capitel connect data card has broken.

The reason is , always i keep my data card inserted in the laptop and keep it inside my self. Due to fatigue , the data card bends at the inserting position. After a particular time, due to this bending the signal strength got weakened.

Later one day , it has broken in to two pieces at the pendrive inserting position. I am telling this to warn you people that dont keep your data card inserted in the laptop while it is switched off.

Sometimes instead of data card, your laptop pen drive slot might have get damaged.

Apart from these, i can say capitel connect 3G data card is a good one to browse with high speed.

But my advice is , today universal data card is in market with additional microSD memory card slot at cheaper price .So why are wasting money in single purpose data card while you have a good option with data card of dual purpose.

Think before you buy.