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Safaricom : Get PUK code for Locked SIM card | Reset PIN number for Safaricom SIM

Safricom is one of the major telecom service provider in Kenya. This article will help you to get the PUK code for your Safaricom  locked SIM card and reset your PIN number to make your mobile phone work again You can get your PUK code for locked SIM card through Online support as well as Mobile Helpline numbers. Remember that PUK code cannot be generated by any downloaded software. So be aware to avoid unnecessary blocking of your SIM card because of incorrect PUK code attempts. >Get PUK code through Online Support Go to official webpage of  Safaricom  and Choose Live Chat option to request the PUK code for your locked SIM card. You may be asked some security questions in-order to verify your identity. >Get PUK code through Helpline number For Postpaid call 200  or +254 722002200 and Prepaid Safaricom customers call 100 or  +254 722002100  from any other Safaricom mobile and speak with the helpline number to retri

NuevaTel PCS | Viva : PUK code Retrieval | SIM unlock

The default PIN Number for all Viva or NuevaTel PCS Prepaid and Postpaid mobile SIM card is 1234 . But if you type it wrongly , for 3 attempts then the PIN will be locked and ask for PUK code. Viva or NuevaTel PCS is the major telecom network which offers high speed data connection to Bolivia , Dominican Republic customers  through Prepaid and postpaid plans. Viva or NuevaTel PCS Mobile SIM card has an inbuilt PIN code and PUK code for security purpose. The SIM card will be blocked if you enter your PIN number wrongly for 3 times. Then the Phone will request to enter PUK code to reset your PIN number. You can find your Viva or NuevaTel PCS PUK (Personal Unlocking Key) through following methods. Expand the method to know more. > Find PUK through Helpline Call 800 14 1414 (non-toll free number) from other network or 103  Viva or NuevaTel PCS mobile phone Enter the option to speak with customer care Request for a PUK code and note it dow