Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Outlook : To create a self reminder in Microsoft Outlook | Smart Guide

Set  Personal Alarm Reminder in Outlook

If you create a meeting or appointment feature to create self reminder, then the schedule assistant will show you busy for the specific time.
If you want to avoid showing that you are busy and at the same time , you have to create a self reminder, then follow this simple trick.

To set reminder alarm in Outlook

  1. Compose a new Email with subject as a brief description of the reminder. For example, Mary's Birthday
  2. Now send it only to you
  3. Once you recieve the mail in your inbox, click the flag item and make it as Red flagged item.
  4. Right click on the flag and select Add Reminder option
  5. A new window named custom will open.
  6. Set the reminder date and time . YOu can also select the alarm sound for the reminder.
  7. Press OK ,

Now you will recieve a reminder on the time that you set, provided that your outlook is opened or running in background of your desktop.