Tuesday, May 2, 2017

NX Advanced Simulation : Solved : SUGGESTION: Set parameter "AUTOMPC" to "YES" in the "Edit Solution..." dialog. NX Advanced simulation

SUGGESTION: Set parameter "AUTOMPC" to "YES" in the "Edit Solution..." dialog.

If you use RBE3 element connections in your FE model , then probably you might recieved this error while solving the solution set in Nastran.

  1. Right Click on Solution in Select Edit
  2. Now a window named Solution will oen
  3. Click Parameters tab
  4. There will be a value called "Parameters" and a drop down list nearby with default None .
  5. Select Create modeling object icon , that can be found near the drop-down list.
  6. Once you click that icon, a new window name "Solution Parameters 1" will open which contains a big list of properties.
  7. Look for AUTOMPC property and choose Yes in the dropdown list and click the add icon that is found near the drop down list.
  8. Now AUTOMPC parameter will be added to your solution.

Try to solve the solution set now. Most probably the solution will be solved just by showing an Alert. Still if you receive this error, then delete all the RBE3 elements and replace them with RBE2 element to solve the solution.

Be noted that if you use RBE2 instead of RBE3 , then the results may vary slightly due to the basic difference between them in load distribution.