Thursday, May 4, 2017

Solved: Lenovo K6 Power Mic not working during call

Lenovo K6 series phone users are facing strange "Mic not working" issue during calls.
While attempting to make a call, the person at opposite side couldn't hear the voice in handset mode. But the opposite user can hear your voice when you speak in speaker mode or headet mode.

If you dropped you phone into the ground, then there is high possibility that your mic might be dislocated or sometimes damaged. It is better to take to the service center if you think the issue is due to phone dropped issue. If you believe that the mic issue is due to software, then proceed further.


To ensure that your mic problem is not a hardware problem, open recorder app and test whether your mic is working or not using a 5 second test recording voice.
If you can't hear the voice in recorded clip, then it might be a hardware problem. If you can hear your voice in recorded clip, then proceed further.

  1. If you have a third party dialer app like true caller, then uninstall true caller app and test whether the microphone is working while making a call.
  2. Go to settings →Apps → Click Gear icon on right top corner → App permissions, Under Microphone disable the microphone permissions of all apps like camera, chrome, google app, skype, whatsapp, youcam,imo etc
  3. Now try to call to any number and test whether the opposite person can hear your voice .
  4. If this solution is working, then you can conclude that some third party app is overlapping the permissions with default dialer.
  5. Otherwise , you have to take your phone to service center. Before that you can give a try to restore factory settings.