Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Meaning and DIfference - C and CE button in Calculator

Difference, Meaning of C and CE in calculator
Difference & Meaning of C and CE in calculator

Since the invention of classic calculator , the convention of using C and Ce buttons are still followed even in windows calculator app. Everybody knows that these both button clears the value.
But, We might always ended up confusing the difference between CE and C. If we know the expansion of the letters, then we don't need to confused the functions of these buttons in these calculators.

In Calculators,
  • C stands for Clear
  • CE stands for Clear Entry

So, while doing an arithmetic calculation of using many entries, if you press CE in the middle of the operation, then it will clear only the last entry you have entered.
But if you press C, then it will clear all the entries and the calculation needs to be started from beginning.

So, depending on the situation we should use CE and C wisely.