Wednesday, April 5, 2017

DISH TV DTH Solved : Most of the channels not coming in Dish TV | Get back the missing channels in Dish TV

Sometimes, even if you have recharged for full channels pack , you will see only very few channels.
Many channels will not appear even if you have enter the channel number. You may not get so many regional channels like Z TV, Sun TV etc

Follow the steps to get back the missing tv channels.

Solution 1: Changing Favorite to All Channels

In your dish tv remote, press FAV button and ensure that All channels are selected. Sometimes, there are chances that some other option like Most viewed channels, Regional channels might be selected.

Solution 2: Update EPG List manually

Still you are not able to view all channels, then try the next step.
  1. Press My Account button → Navigate to Help Menu → In the list select STB info
  2. Now Press red button to go to Set up Menu
  3. Once set up menu is opened, press Restore Factory settings. You will receive warning message. Press OK button. Yellow color button in remote.
  4. Now, In the set up menu, press Forced software upgrade button. Now you will receive an sharp frequency sound . Don't panic. Press Exit.
  5. Now your will see the EPG list is upgrading with a loading bar. Once it reaches 100, you will see all the missing channels appear again.