Sunday, May 8, 2016

Robi: Manual internet settings for Android, iOs,windows

If the Internet settings that is downloaded and installed automatically is not working, then Robi users can try to set the Internet setting manually.

To set Manual Internet settings in Robi :

  1. Go to Settings → Connections → More networks → Mobile networks
  2. Tap on Access Point names
  3. Tap on Menu button and select New APN
  4. Enter the essential fields . Refer below, for Android, iOS, Windows Smart phones.
  5. Select save and Check whether Internet connection is working.

Robi : Manual Internet settings for Android :

  1. Set Name as Manual_Robi
  2. Set APN as INTERNET
  3. Leave User name, Password, Proxy, Port, Server, MMSC, MMS proxy field blank. Do not enter anything in these fields

Robi :Manual Internet settings for iOs:

  1. Set APN fields as INTERNET
  2. Set Name as Manual_Robi
  3. Leave user name, password, proxy, server, port, mmsc, mms fields as blank,

Robi: Manual Internet settings for Windows Phone:

  1. Go to settings → Mobile network → Access Point Name → New
  2. Enter APN field as INTERNET
  3. Leave user name, password, proxy fields as empty
  4. Save the settings and check your mobile Internet connection.