Thursday, July 23, 2015

NX UG : Null Tag Not Allowed Error and Solution

Error : Null tag not allowed


Application : In NX Drafting most of the times and in NX Modeling rarely.

Possible Reasons and solution :

1.When you try to add a component to a Assembly, while you are in Drafting application mode, you may receive the error : Null tag not allowed.
And the solution is to switch to Modeling application and add the component to Assembly and come back to drafting mode to carry out your work.

2.When you try to update or load a detail view that is linked with a part , that has complex / corrupted features, then the drawing view will fail to update and you will receive the error :Null tag not allowed. Error recovery completed.
The solution is to clean up the part and try updating. If you receive this error in a assembly drawing, then you can easily find out the corrupted component by unloading half of the components one time and rest at next time. Follow this till you find the corrupted part.
Then clean up the specific part.

3.When you try to do command operations like intersect, extend, trim etc on a complex spline curve, then you may receive the error": Null tag not allowed.
Solution is to simplify the complex spline into simple curve , before performing such operations.

4.Sometimes,we couldn't even guess the root cause of this null tag error.In such cases, it is better to save a copy of the part file , before experimenting different options, so that your work will be stay safe.