Thursday, July 23, 2015

NX Siemens : To Set or Change Automatic Save Changes Reminder in NX

Automatic Save Changes reminder for NX

While working in NX software, if the modified CAD data or any Drawings is not saved by the user for a certain period of time, then
the Save Changes Reminder command will display a pop-up message, asking the user to save the data.

To Enable or Change the duration of Save Changes Reminder :

  1. Go to File → Utilities → Customer Defaults. Now "Customer Defaults"  dialog window box opens.
  2. Select General tab in "Gateway" list in the left  side of the window box
  3. Now you can see a slide-bar option for save changes reminder under part tab.(Scroll down to see this slide bar)
  4. Move the slide bar in the "Interval for Save Changes Reminder"
  5. Select OK in the "Customer Defaults" dialog box.
  6. Now a message will appear that this setting will reflect from next session. Means that you have to restart NX for making use of this option.
  7. Select OK in the "Customer Defaults" message box.