Friday, July 24, 2015

Android, ios : Save PDF Attachment file in Local Storage in Inbox,Gmail App using Adobe Acrobat Reader

Nowadays, to encourage the users to use online cloud storage, the mobile apps like Gmail, Adobe and Inbox remove the option like Save, Download etc and added Cloud storage option.


Sometimes , this is annoying if we really need the file in local storage, for offline viewing purpose.
Anyway, we can still save the attachment files for offline uses, using cache storage.

To save attachment file in local Internal storage in Android :

  1. Open inbox app
  2. Ensure you have installed Adobe Acrobat Reader as pdf viewer
  3. Now, if you open the pdf attachment, the pdf file will be opened using Adobe reader
  4. Now tap on menu button → Settings → Document cloud Cache location
  5. Set Internal Storage
  6. Now open your File Browser → Internal Storage → Acrobat reader folder
  7. Hurray, Now you can find the pdf file saved in your local internal storage.
  8. For safety, save this in some other place as using copy → paste option. Because, the file in this folder may clear automatically as it is a temporary cache location.