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Continuity | Types of Continuity : G0, G1, G2 Conitnuity

Continuity :

While creating smooth surfaces, the parameter continuity should be defined. Continuity is to ensure the smoothness of the curves and surfaces. It plays a main role while creating A class smooth surfaces which requires perfect , aerodynamic finishing.

When we create curve points and define continuity, the CAD software displays a set of constraint symbols at each point namely G0, G1, G2 Continuity. Smooth Studio Spline curves and surfaces can be designed in all CAD softwares including CATIA, NX, Solidworks, Autocad, Pro-E etc.

G0 continuity

  •  G0 means the two objects are connected, or are position continuous.

G1 continuity

  • G1 means they are smoothly connected up to one differentiation, or are tangency continuous.

G2 continuity

  • G2 means they are smoothly connected by up to two differentiations, or are curvature continuous.

Points to keep in mind while working with continuity parameter.
  •     Any Curve on Surface point can have a G0 constraint to any object that is supported by Snap Point options, and that is within the Modeling Distance Tolerance of the target face.
  •     Curve on Surface start or end points can have G1 or G2 constraints to any curve, edge, or surface that is within the Modeling Angle Tolerance of the tangent plane of the point.
  •     The software cannot guarantee G2 continuity in all circumstances.We cannot add points beyond a start or end point that has a G1 or G2 constraint.
  •     Points on a closed Curve on Surface spline can have only G0 constraints