Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Delivered None : Delhivery Courier Status , But product not delivered.| Solution

Delhivery Delivered None Status Issue :

Courier Service : Delhivery

Tracking Status : Delivered , Remarks : Delivered None

Issue Faced by the customer : 
Customer will not receive the product, but the tracking status will be shown as Delivered.

Possible Reasons :
  • The product will not be delivered to the customer, and it will be sent back to storage lot. But the tracking status will show a conflicting information, that the product is delivered . But in Remarks the status will be shown as delivered none.
  • The product might be delivered to the wrong place or person.

Contact Delhivery customer care support , through email as soon as possible, and request for the proof of delivery. Within a day, you will be sent the scanned copy of the proof , where the person who received , signed with his name and contact number,
You can track with those contact information and signature, to whom the product is handed over.


The customers who had faced this issue never got their product back nor the refund money. So, it is better to avoid such situations by communicating clear information , to whom the product is delivered if you are not at home.