Monday, April 6, 2015

Attach and send pdf file through whatsapp

To attach and send pdf file throgh whatsapp

Whatsapp recently implemented attach file option in its latest version.
Though the app allow us to browse the files, it will show only the audio, video and picture files to select as attachment.

So, right now it is not possible to attach and send the pdf files in whatsapp to send it through another whatsapp number.

The trick of renaming the pdf file into jpg extension will not work in whatsapp. Because the app will try to capture the thumbnail and if it couldn't , then it will show error that the file is not an image file. May be you can give a try.

So, the best way is to send it through email or through skype software , Because both gmail and skype supports attaching files other than media.

So, Right now it is not possible to send pdf file through whatsapp .

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