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To Edit poll widget in Blogger

Edit poll widget in Blogger

By default the poll widget cannot be edited once it is created in Blogger.
If you try to edit , the blogger layout will not allow you to do , because the question will become disabled state.

The reason for locking this edit is because , If you edited the question or any one of the options after so many visitors voted the poll question, then it is equal to manipulating the results which give false conclusion for the poll question.

But, in some cases if we create the poll question with some grammar or spelling mistake and later realized to correct it, then it is a reasonable edit, but the blogger layout will not allow it.

So, In such case the following trick will work and don't misuse this trick to manipulate the results.

To edit the Poll question in Blogger :

 Step 1 : Go to Blogger Dashboard
 Step 2 : Click Template - Edit HTML
 Step 3: NOw Click the cursor inside the HTML code anywhere and press CTRL + F to find the poll question
 Step 4: Type one keyword present in the question int he search box and press enter
 Step 5: Now you can find the poll question and correct the spelling or grammar mistake present in the poll question. Ensure that the widget has locked = false. If it is true change it into false and edit the poll question.

If you edit the question which changes the entire meaning of the question, then you will lose the credibility of your blog users. So I insist you to use it for genuine edits.