Saturday, March 21, 2015

NX: To Create and Modify Model View in UG NX | To create drawing view in NX | NX 9.0 view orientation

Model View in UG NX - Unigraphics :

Model view is the specific orientation of work screen in which the components are displayed. By default the software will contains standard views like front view, back view, left and right side views and isometric views.

If an user want to manually add an view with specific orientation for further use , then he can create a new model view.

In addition to saving the Orientation information, the model view may also contains the information of which parts or components are displayed in the current model view.

To Create a new model view in NX:

  1. Go to part navigator section by clicking on the part navigator icon present in the side resource toolbar
  2. Orient the Work screen manually as you desired
  3. Now, right click on Model View and select Add View
  4. A new view will add on the current orientation and you can name it manually by right click - Rename option

To Create drawing view in NX:

  1. Switch into drafting application using shortcut Ctrl+Shift+D
  2. Now go to Insert → Drawing sheet to create a new drawing sheet
  3. Select base view icon from the tool bar to create a view in NX drafting
  4. Choose Model view, Arrangement if you have already created in Modeling application
  5. Place the cursor in the drawing sheet and press Left Mouse button to complete view creation
  6. To create side views, front, back views select projected view option from tool bar
  7. As an alternative, standard views option can be used to create all standard views at once.

Shortcut key to switch to drafting from modeling in NX:

  1. If you are in NX Modeling application, then press the keyboard shortcut key Ctrl + Shift + D to switch to Drafting application
  2. If you are in drafting application, then you can just press the key M to come back to Modeling application

To Update or Modify Model View in UG NX Unigraphics :

In the mid of working on other views or other applications like drafting , if you want to change the model view orientation , then you can come back and easily modify it.
  1. Ensure that you are in Modeling Application.
  2. Click on part navigator and double click the model view you want to modify.
  3. Change the orientation as per your new requirements 
  4. Now Right click the model view and select save. The model view will store the new orientation 

To know Model View coordinates Manually :

You can see the Model view plane information by following procedure
  1. Right Click on the model View
  2. Go to properties
  3. Click on the Information Icon (with i symbol) 
  4. Now a Information window will open which would contain the coordinates of center of model view, XC, YC, ZC plane coordinates of the model view that you have selected.