Friday, March 20, 2015

Resolved : Clicking on chrome Tab closes the tab instead of switching to the tab

The most familiar bug of chrome that is not yet solved till date is , When you click over the tab in chrome browser , it will close the tab instead of opening or switching to the specific tab.

This bug is mostly reported by those who uses laptop and rarely reported by PC users.

Resolution method 1 : Disconnecting the secondary mouse
Probably and Unknowingly your laptop is connected to two mouses at a time. The one mouse is the default touch pad and the other mouse might be connected to Bluetooth or USB wired mouse.

So, if you are connected to Bluetooth mouse , remove the device from Bluetooth devices in control panel. If you are connected to USB wired mouse , then disconnect it. Now try to click on the tab on chrome browser and check whether it works perfectly

Resolution method 2 : Restarting the PC or laptop
Restart the computer or laptop and check whether it stops the malfunctioning of mouse clicks

Resolution method 3: Changing the mouse to check
Change the mouse which works well in another one and check it in your computer. If it works well now, then the problem is with your mouse and you have to change it.

Resolution method 4 : Mouse wheel click, two button same time click
  • Click the tab with mouse wheel (middle button) and scroll it . Probably it will work.
  • Also try clicking the tab with both left and right click at the same time.
  • These two methods indicate that your touch pad may have any fault.

Dont's :

  • Do not try uninstalling chrome. This won't work for sure.
  • Do not install any other plugins to resolve it. They might be cheating one.