Monday, March 9, 2015

Cut relation, Associativity of Drawing View and 3D model in UG NX | Unigraohics

To cut the Relation | Associativity of drowning from 3D CAD models

There are three types of options available to maintain the associativity links of the drawing views with the 3D models.
  • Associative (Always associative)
  • Non Associative (Non associative but you can link whenever you need to update the drawing view
  • Extracted Edges (None) (Association completely removed from the 3D model.

Procedure to break the associativity of drawing view
  1. Right Click on a view boundary and select Style
  2. Now go to General Tab
  3. In extracted edges option Select - Non Associative
  4. Press OK

In this case, the drawing view will not update or shows update notification even if the 3D data is affected or updated.
But you can manually update by changing back Extracted edges to Associative and again you can keep it as Non associative .

If you keep the extracted edges as Associative, then the drawing will update immediately ( If you disable Delay update in settings)
Otherwise, it will show Update notification and you can simply right click and give update.

Most preferred way is to keep the views in Non Associative mode.