Sunday, March 8, 2015

Create Drawing Template in NX | Editing a drawing Template in NX Drafting

Create Drawing Template in UG NX

If your company has a standard template and already created it, then it should be present in the menu bar under the category like Special tools or in the name of your company itself.
If it is not customized, the we have to create our own template using the following procedure.

Method 1 : Using Symbol Editor
  1. Open a new drawing sheet with specific sheet size (A4, A3, A2, A1, A0) as per your need
  2. Manually Draw the borders, name plate, part list table using sketch tools . Prefer to draw them in the Main view.
  3. Include the images like company logo, projection type etc using insert picture command.
  4. Now Go to Insert-Symbol-Define custom symbol option and create a symbol with all these borders and logos and name it as you wish like Drawing Template A2
  5. Remember where you have storing this symbol in the Custom symbol library.
  6. Hereafter whenever you need the template , just Insert - Symbol - Custom Symbol and select the drawing template symbol you have already created and place it in the drawing sheet.
  7. There is one factor which we can call it as drawback as well as advantage.
  8. You can smash the symbol at anytime by Right click - Smash Symbol and Edit it as you need
  9. You cannot input some parameters like part list without smashing .

Method 2 : Editing the NX template / Modifying the template list file in system files
  1. For this method , you need to have modification rights for the folder UGII/templates in C Drive.  Most probably you might not have write access to these folders and files.
  2. If you have write access, then you can try his method.
  3. Open a part file, create a template as you did in the method 1
  4. Export it as a jpeg image in C drive location C:\Program Files\UGS\NX 7.5\UGII\templates
  5. Now go to C:\Program Files\UGS\NX 7.5\UGII\templates and look for ugdraftingtemplate.pax or ugsheettemplate.pax file .
  6. Open the file with notepad and if you closely read the file, you can see that one or two palette entries are already created by default.
  7. Now you have to create a new palette id copying the safe format and replace the image location to your new one.
  8. Hereafter whenever you create a new drawing file, you will see your new A2,A3 or whatever template you have created in the default list.