Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Tigo PUK code Retrieval | Tigo Sim card unlock

TIGO PUK code Retrieval

  • TIGO SIM card is equipped with an unique PIN code and a PUK code for each customer by default to ensure the security and privacy of tigo customers.
  • Tigo is the leading mobile network in Bolivia,Colombia,El Salvador,Guatemala,Honduras,Paraguay and known for its unique recarga tigo strategy.
  • If the PIN code is entered wrongly for 3 times , then your TIGO SIM card will be locked further and ask you to enter the PUK code to unlock the TIGO SIM card.
  • Note that, If you enter PUK code wrongly for 10 times, then SIM will be deactivated and you have to pay for new SIM card.

TIGO PUK code can be obtained by following methods

1.Through Welcome mail :
At the time of buying the new SIM TIGO SIM CARD, you would be provided a welcome mail and SIM card box. The PUK code information might be printed in either of the mail or SIM card box.
If you could able to find the PUK informaiton , you can note it and enter it in the locked mobile phone carefully.

2.Through Online TIGO Official Portal
If you have already registered with online portal of TIGO , you can login with your user name and password and request/view your PUK code information in your online TIGO Account management page.

3.Through TIGO Helpline / Customer care Portal
  • The best way is to contact customer care of TIGO , and request them to tell the PUK code for your SIM card.
  • You can contact TIGO customer care by dialing following numbers of your country.

From Tigo Phone
From Other Phones
TIGO Postpaid

TIGO Prepaid
From other network,Landline

+ 233 27 7555888