Thursday, February 5, 2015

Axial Rigidity

Axial Rigidity:

What is Axial Rigidity:

Rigidity is the term used to  define the stiffness of an object. And Axial Rigidity is used to define the stiffness of the object(say spring) in an particular axis.

Axial Rigidity

Practically Every object in the world is not 100 percent rigid. They are somewhat flexible. As an extreme, let us consider Spring. When we put a load or pressure to deform the spring it will resist slightly but deform easily.

As another extreme, let us consider you are applying similar kind of load in an Iron rod. Practically you cant see any deformation. It means that Rigidity of Iron Bar is higher and Rigidity of Spring is lower so as the stiffness.

Theoretically , Rigidity is denoted in terms of stiffness coefficients.

For a three dimensional object, Rigidity can be defined in each direction specifically namely K1, K2, K3