Sunday, February 22, 2015

To send, copy exe files Via email , communicator, Skype

Some security settings in Windows and other third party softwares will not allow you to share exe files like copying them in the disk .

Basically this is for a good purpose to avoid Virus or Malware attack. But , sometime we know that the exe files we have is trusted , even though the security settings prevent to copy the exe files.

This same scenario is applicable for Microsoft office communicator like software, outlook, Gmail etc..

So, here is the easy technique to copy / share exe files through email, file sharing software etc.

  1. Change the extension of the exe files into some other document extension like pdf . For example, if the application name is soundrecorder.exe , just rename it into soundrecorder.pdf
  2. Now you can attach this file in email or copy it in your computer or wherever you want. The security setting will think that it is an pdf file and allow you to copy or share it.
  3. Once you copied the file , change back the file extension into exe by the same technique and you can open it or run it as usual
  • Use this technique only if you are sure that the exe file is from trusted source.
  • If you are not able to view the extension along with the file name, refer the article How to Display / Hide extension of file name