Sunday, January 18, 2015

Ebiz : Scam or Legit : A Genuine Review

 I can share some incidents related to this word ebiz in my past .Today I am very glad that I have not involved in this program.


It was around 2007 , when I was in my 1st year of my degree course. One of my room mate made me know about this program and he said that he had lready joined in this program and probably he would be earning a solid amount cash in thousands in upcoming , through this program.

I got suspicious and asked him to explain more about this program.

He explained that ebiz is a online e-learning course and once you enrolled with this program with around 6000 INR ( not exactly I remember)  and yearly once we have to renew this program to extend the benefits.

I was very well got aware that every kind of e learning stuffs were available for free in internet.(How stuff works , wikipedia was familiar to me then) . Then why do I have to pay 6000 INR for this basic learning .

Finally he revealed the main theme of the program.

Ebiz is nothing but a Multi-level marketing program similar to Amway.
For example, MLM means you have to refer 3 guys. Those guys each refer three three guys. This will go on. For each guy you refer you will get a commission fee and this goes on .

Luckily, I had already heard about how bad is involving in MLM through my friends who experienced in Amway.

I politely rejected to join that program by telling some escaping reasons.

But, he has explained about this program to many 1st year guys and few of them around ten were brainwashed and joined that program.

It became very viral in about a month, but not as a e learning course. It was marketed as a "earn while learning " tag.

Somehow, It went to college management , and one day a circular from Principal came to every class rooms that "The program called Ebiz is strictly banned in our college , and those who are known to involving in this program will be taken severe action"

Even after that circular , some guys were involving in this program here and there secretly.

Later I came to know that a group of guys were brainwashed in many colleges and instead of concentrating in their studies , they were wasting their time in marketing this program.

Well.. Flash back is over,

now Present,

The guy who tried to brainwash me , still trying to clear the arrears exams that he accumulated because of his lack of concentration in studies.

He is still unemployed and not earning a single penny from that program.

So, I have not mentioned anywhere it is illegal or scam. But this kind of MLM program is not suitable for students. For sure, it will affect their studies.

so, Guys, whether it is a scam or genuine, Ebiz is NO NO for students.
Concentrate on your studies. That is the most valuable asset at this stage of your life you can earn. Money will come later , Don't worry.