Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Reset / Unlock Android Phone without Internet without losing phone data

Guide to Unlock Android Phone Without Internet :

This method is only for Android phone PIN code and Pattern unlock and If you need to reset or remove SIM code PIN code you have to follow different procedure.

Taking Backup :

1.Switch off your android Phone by long pressing the right side button and selecting turn off option

2.Now Press Volume UP button and Power Button at the same time for 10 seconds

        Your Android phone will enter now in to the safe mode.
        You will receive a screen with Android LOGO , and a message “No command”

3.Now press power button once.

       A screen with list of option appears now as follows :

       Android System Recovery
       Volume up/down to move highlight:
       Enter button to select

          Reboot system now
          Apply update from ADB
          Apply update from sdcard
          Apply update from cache
          Wipe/data factory reset
          Wipe cache partition
          Backup user data
          Restore user data

4.Now press your volume down button until the option Backup Userdata is highlighted.

5.Once it is highlighted, press Power button.For some android phones, volume down button is for moving down the list and Volume up for Enter function.

   Now a file name of backup will be displayed and backup process will start and last for 10 to 15 minutes. Do not disturb your phone until Backup is finished. 

Note that , In some phones, during backup , the status screen will show "Installing Update" . Do not panic. Back Up Process is going on. 

This file will be saved in memory card and you can restore it later.

Reset /Unlock Password : 
After the backup is finished, you can reset your phone settings as follows.

6.Now press your volume down button until the option Wipe/data factory reset is highlighted.

7.Once it is highlighted, press Power button.       

        Now the phone will get rebooted and default settings will be appeared without any password.

Restoring the Data : 

8.If you wish to restore your data, switch off your phone and repeat step 1 to 3 and choose option restore user data to select the back up file .

Caution :
Check whether you have enough space in memory card to save the backup file.