Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Tips on saving electricity at home | Electricity saving tips electricity conservation methods : Essay, Speech

We can save electric energy by developing some simple habits in day to day life.
Always remember the slogan , "Electricity saved is equal to electricity created". We can use this energy somewhere useful.

This article is all about the electricity saving tips at our home. Just expand each topics to know more.

>>Replace incandescent bulbs with LED lamps:

The common mistake that most of us doing unknowingly is using traditional incandescent bulbs .
The power consumption of traditional incandescent bulb is 100 W which is 5 times more than the 20 W Led compact LED lamps.

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So, if you are eager in saving more power, immediately replace your security halogen lamps glowing outside with fluorescent lamps, you can save 400% power consumed additionally by halogen lamps.

>>Stop TV main Switch during night time:

In those gold olden days, people used TV without remote unlike today.
During night times, instead of switching off the TV using remote control, switch it off using main switch.

>>Optimize the fan speed:

Nowadays fan regulators are equipped with high efficient capacitors unlike traditional regulator.
So, optimizing the correct fan speed may save you the electric power throughout the night.

>>Optimize number of lights per room:

If there are additional lights in your room that is more than needed, then remove it now.
You can save some considerable amount of electricity by optimizing the correct number of light resources in the room

>>Unplug Charger and Switch it Off:

Unplug your charger wires like phone charger, laptop charger etc at the time when it is not used for charging and keep the switches off
Even it consumes very small power, in long run you can see some considerable energy saving due to this habit.

>>Utilize natural Light:

Spend some times outdoors reading newspaper, playing outdoor games etc.
Utilize the natural light whenever possible. You can get some fresh air. You can feel more relaxedness. Of course unknowingly you can save some power if you spend some quality time outdoors.

>>Use mosquito net instead of mosquito repellent:

The mosquito repellents uses the technology similar to heater. It heats the repellent liquid with help of electricity and evaporate the liquid to repel mosquitos.
So, it uses electric power equal to that of a fan. So, it is better to use mosquito net instead of electric based mosquito repellent. You save power. And also it is good for your health as you avoid breathing chemicals from mosquito repellents.
>>15 Minutes Exercise Before Morning Bath:

This technique works well for those who lives in tropic regions. Even during winter, 15 minutes cardio exercise at the morning before you go to bath make you sweat and warm.
It tends you to bath in room temperature water. 

So you can avoid using geyser (water heater) for bathing. As water heater is one of the major source of electric consumption, we can save large amount of electricity through this 15 minutes exercising habit.

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