Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Disappeared / Endangered Electronic Gadgets due to SmartPhone

The arrival of smart phone has made a great impact on a dozen of electronic gadgets and almost most of the electronic gadgets affected by smart phones are today in endangered list.

Let us see the list of devices lost its popularity and usability because of smart phones.

Hand Watch :
The first device that got affected because of the arrival of mobile phones is Hand watch. Nowadays Hand watch become as a fashion item and those who prefer fashionable look only wears a hand watch.
But giants like Google try to force the watch with a name of Smart watch equipped by Android OS into the market. Time will decide the lifespan of hand watch.

Hand Video Game
Those who crossed their Kid stage up to later 90s might enjoy this gadget called hand video game.
Of course it is the pioneer of nowadays-modern 3D car race games, pin ball game, building block games etc. 
But now smart phones fulfilled the function of hand video game and hence hand video game is today an extinct device.

Remember? Most of the site engineers, office workers had a pocket calculator with them every time.
But now even a simple mobile phone has able to do calculations that can be performed by pocket calculator.
No need to explain the versatility of smart phones in calculator. From simple to advanced scientific calculations, we can perform using just few taps on the touch screen devices.

Mp3 Player
Nowadays there are no one to buy the match box sized mp3 player or ipod as it become an additional device that is not necessary because smartphones itself carry upto 64 GB memory cards that can accumulate tonnes of music collections including videos.

Calendar is not an electronic gadget ofcourse. It is not yet extinct. But recent study says that only 20% of people now referring calendar and the rest refer their mobile phones to check the dates.

FM Radio Box
The life span of FM radio is very less. It emerged very late and disappeared very earlier than other gadgets. FM radio application is nowadays a default one in every smartphones.

You might have seen people had typed messages with a compact type writer like device called pager.
Ofcourse , when the basic model of mobile phone introduced in market, the pager said bye and went to the shelves of the museum.

Map Book
Google developed its satellite map and saying direction to your home, office, friend’s party place through GPS functionality.
Remember the name Atlas. Yes a familiar map book company, now an extinct one.

Contact Book , Mini Notes Book
A compact notebook that can be fitted in pocket had been used to take small notes, land line phone numbers, daily expenses etc. But we make those notes in mobile phones itself and every one forgot the habit of taking these kind of notes.

Alarm Clock
This device might have come in your mind at once you have seen the title. Yes small alarm clock that was used to kept near our pillow with a head button is now missing in our bedroom. Snooze button shifted to the mobile phone and smart phone of course.

Sound Recorder
There was no separate sound recording device. But tape recorder device that was operated by cassettes is now completely an extinct device. Can you remember when you lastly heard songs using cassettes?

Pen Drive
Pen drive is in the list but at the last. Because it is the beginning time for the decline of pen drive era.
The micros sd card is of course the replacement of thumb sized pen drives. As everyone of us carry sd cards with us inserted with smart phones, there is no necessary of pen drives either.