Monday, September 1, 2014

Future Vision of Google's loon Project and Facebook's Project

Internet Giants Google and Facebook have recently laid their foot prints in a grand vision . Yes they aim to spread the rays of Internet all around the world in nook and corner of the living habitats.

Google have started its journey in this project with its innovative loon's Project in which huge balloons will fly over the landscape in a height over than the path of Aero-planes. Those balloons will spread internet signals to the people who set up loon antenna. And there will be signal connection between these balloons itself.

Currently this project is in test phase in NewZealand  with selected number of peoples and Google often reports that they are learning and rectifying lot of things to improve the efficiency and reliability of the loon project.

Soon we can expect the project will be spread in other parts of the world.

Google loon project vs facebook internet org project

On the other hand , Facebook joined hand with huge corporate industries like Ericson, Airtel etc to increase the internet reach among peoples. Their main preference is to spread the internet throughout Africa where most of the nations are still developing and under developed. Internet facility may improve the lifestyle of the continent is the strong belief of Facebook. They have made the vision statement as Making the Internet Affordable

There is no doubt that providing affordable internet among ordinary people will help to develop their lifestyle, provide them the basic services. But critics has also passing comments that the Big brothers of Internet will make a  lot of profit in means of advertisement and there hides a huge selfishness behind the social responsibility.

Anyway, it is a welcoming activity that Facebook and Google jumped into this project, though governments of the countries resists to take such steps toward spreading technology.