Aircel : How to complaint Aircel Apellate (Grievance officere) Authority through email

If you are not satisfied with the action taken by Aircel customer care person, then you can escalate this issue by sending an email to the higher officials and authorities of Aircel customer care.

For example, if main balance account is wrongly deducted from your Aircel mobile number and you called to customer care.
Let say, the customer care person on phone refused to accept the complaint or he justifies that the deduction of talktime is correct and he couldn’t refund the amount back to your Aircel number. In this case you can escalate this issue to Aircel appellate authority for your circle.

In summary , if we call to customer care number , a person will attend the call. They belongs to Level 1 Customer Care.

If you asked to redirect to his supervisor, then he will redirect to the Nodal officer. He belongs to Level 2 Customer Care.

Still You are not satisfied with the response , you can contact the next higher level called appellate authority.

Here you may get some resolution for your problem.

If you feel that you are not satisfied with his response also, then you can file a case in consumer court. But you have to pay fee per case, that varies from 100 to 500 Rupees per consumer case.

I am going providing a list of email id where you can get immediate response for your query regarding Aircel complaints.

State or Circle
Aircel Customer Grievance Email
Aircel Apellate higher Authorities
Andhra Pradesh
Himachal Pradesh   
Jammu and Kashmir
Madhya Pradesh,Chandigargh
North East States   
Tamil Nadu 
Uttar Pradesh East  
Uttar Pradesh West  
West Bengal   

Send email to the corresponding state or circle you belong. In the message , mention your name and mobile number and briefly explain the problem.
Within 1 day of the complaint, they will call you and try to rectify the problem.