Friday, August 22, 2014

Review: Youtube's Micromax MMX377G universal 3G data card (USB Modem) - User's Experience

Almost a year have gone. Today I am scripting my experience with this universal data card.

Why I Bought this Micromax data card ?
Previously I was using BSNL Capitel connect universal data card. It worked well for 1 year.
But I made a mistake , that was always leaving my data card unplugged in the laptop. So, within months the pen drive port bend and got broken .Its absolute fatigue based failure. But I liked the signal coverage etc. So I decided to go again for such universal data card.
At that time, Micromax provided this MMX377G data card with 3G facility and an additional option called micro sd card reading option.
So I can use this as a three in one device. I can use it as 32 GB pen drive , as a 3G data card , as a memory card reader.

Where I bought it?
I haven’t inquired any local retail shops. My search is fully on online this time. In flipkart I was able to get this card on 1550 Rupees including discount. The original price was 1750 INR at that time. But now , you can get it for 1250 Rupees in Flipkart. This is an excellent proof for how much an electronic gadget will reduce in price in a short span of time.

At the First day with MMX377G data card?
As the same like everyone experienced , I was not able to remove the back panel itself. It was so slippery. After some attempt I removed it. Now inserting SIM card into it is another big task. ¾ th of the sim card only can be inserted into the slot. If you find it at the first time, then you are a  genius. I found after several attempts.
Finally the card got detected in my laptop and I started receiving both 3G and 2G signals in it. It is far better than my previous data card.

Manual GPRS settings configuration :
There is no need for setting apn number manually, because the card has already a set of apn settings for all networks in India. So , I simply selected my Aircel network setting and chose network as 3G preferred. After that I enjoyed super fast browsing every day .

Pros , Advantages of MMX377G card:
As I already mentioned 3 in 1 purpose , High speed browsing, Any network sim can be used, no need of manual internet settings, multicolor led light facility are the special features.

Cons and drawbacks of MMX377G :
Heating occurs of prolonged usage , Only usable in PC and laptop. Cannot be connected with smartphones through OTG cable.