Monday, August 4, 2014

Vodafone : Activate Do Not Disturb (DND) | Prepaid &Postpaid

As per TRAI regulations , every mobile network in India is supposed to provide the do not disturb (DND) service for its customers.
It is just to ensure that there should not be any unwanted phone calls from tele-marketers like bank loan providers, credit card providers, new product trial advertisements etc.

TRAI implemented this rule to regain the privacy of telephone users. It is everyone right to avoid such advertisement calls if one not interested in them.

Here is the procedure to avoid unwanted telemarketing calls for my Vodafone number.

Method 1 : Register DND in Vodafone through online :
This is a simple process if you have internet connection .
 Just to go to below Vodafone‚Äôs official website for Do not Disturb. Fill up the form. After 7 days of registration, you will not receive any phone calls from bank and Vodafone recommending some ads.
After seven days from activation, still you receive any commercial advertising calls or SMS that you not opted , then you can complaint at the same website page.

Method 2 : Register DND in Vodafone through IVR (toll free call) :
Dial 1909 from your Vodafone number. Select partial activation if you want to block only some of the options like Bank ,Credit cards ; Real estate ads , Health related ads /calls , Education sms/calls . Automobile car/bike related ads etc.
If you wish you can also fully block all SMS and calls. Its your own wish.

Method 3 : Register DND in Vodafone through SMS
If I want to fully block all advertising calls and SMS , then send START 0   to the number 1909 (toll free)
If  I want to partially block, then you have to send SMS like following.
For example, START 7 for receiving only Tourism related calls and SMS.
START 1,7 for receiving only bank, and tourism calls. All others will be considered as blocked.

Below is the Complete list of Categories.
1. Banking  like Credit cards
2. Real Estate
3. Education
4. Health
 5. Automobile and consumer goods
 6. Information technology and Entertainment related  calls
7. Tourism and Leisure