Friday, July 11, 2014

Transfer large files faster through wifi Direct between Android Smart phones

Almost every smartphones nowadays come with WiFi direct option.

Transferring files through WiFi direct option is really faster than Bluetooth transfer .

The speed of transfer would be up to 30 MB /second. So transferring movies or larger files would be very easier if you prefer the WiFi direct option.

How to transfer files through WiFi direct option.

1.Install Super Beam app from Google play store.
2.Install it in your counter part smartphone also .
3.Open the file browser and select the file you wish to transfer.
4.Now press share option and select super beam .
5.Now super beam will open and a bar code will be displayed.
6.Scan the bar code with the super beam software installed in your counterpart smartphone.
7.Once the code is detected by your friends phone, the file transfer will begin.
8.You can see the live transfer speed of the file in the screen.

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