Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Transaction failed Error. How to get refund of Money Debited

This is an awareness article  applicable for all networks which are all providing Online recharging options in their website or through some other websites like paytm , freecharge etc.

It is applicable for telecom networks including Airtel,Aircel,Vodafone,Docomo,Ideas Cellular,Reliance GSM,Uninor and BSNL.

Causes For recharge Failure:

1.Your internet connection might have disconnected in middle of transaction
2.You might have pressed refresh or back button in the brower while transaction is in progress
3.The recharge denomination might not be available in your network provider list.

What should I do to get money back for failed recharge:

Step 1: Once you came to know that your recharge is not success , then immediately check whether money is debited from your bank account or not.

Step 2: If you recieve debit message even after the failed mobile recharge, then immediately check the transactions through your net banking option. There is no problem if the amount credited immediately.

Step 3: Immediately call to your bank representative and record the complaint. They will look into the transaction and put back your money within 7 days.


  • Do not call to your mobile network customer care. They wont refund your money.That is not the right procedure.
  • Do not call or email to Billdesk or Citibank gateway as it will take too much time to respond.
  • Do not leave it carelessly by thinking that they will credit money automatically. Most of the times they wont return your money unless you inform to them.

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