Tuesday, July 29, 2014

How to Right click in Android touch screen mobile browser -For New Android Users

In latest android touch screen mobile browser ,there is no direct right click button available.

But there is an equivalent and alternative option to right click.

Instead of single click you have to long press on any word on the browser.
Long press means 2 to 3 seconds .You can change the duration of long press in settings menu.

Once you long press on word, right click options like delete,copy,cut,paste,share,open in new tab,copy link address,copy link text will be visible. You can tap on the desired option to finish the operation.

This right click option is applicable for both android and windows touch screen mobiles.

Apart from this right click you may have to know the following options about touch screen,if you are a new user.

In home page,long press home screen to display recent applications opened by you. If you want to remove one of the recent app,just drag them to right or left of screen .

In some smart phones,instead of long press home button, you have to press button right to home to do the same function.

To remove,uninstall or to know the app info long press on the app icon.It is also equal to right click.

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