Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Block call and SMS from a particular mobile phone number

Before explaining this technique of blocking calls and sms from a particular number , I wish to tell what the person will hear on the other side when you block a particular number.
He will not hear any computer voice like"Your number is blocked". Instead he will hear a small dialing tune first and then he will hear that "The customer you are trying to call is busy".

Now, there are three easy ways to block one particular number .

>1.Empty Ringtone Technique

You can set an empty ringtone for him .So that you will not be disturbed if you recieve a call and it will be an missed call

>2.Truecaller, 360 Privacy and Security App

If you are using a smart phone , then you can download an application called Blocker, or 360 mobile security Truecaller for free from Google play store or android market and itunes. You can manually add as many numbers as you want to block.Those numbers will be stored in the blacklist and you can view them whenever you need.

>3.Do not Disturb Registration

If you are receiving calls from customer care or bank persons and if you need to be block them , then the simple way is registering with DND (Read more here DO NOT DISTURB) service. You can register with DND by simply send a message START DND to 1909.
You will receive a confirmation message or ask any confirmation from you to activate DND.After 24 hours you will not receive any calls or sms from customer care and Aircel network.

These methods are applicable for the following networks :Aircel, Airtel,Vodafone, Docomo,Idea cellular, Reliance , BSNL and all Indian mobile networks.

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