Saturday, June 8, 2013

How to earn more swagbucks for Australia and Canada

India is currently not eligible for SBTV and NOSO points.

So you can only earn daily bucks in dailypoll and toolbar.

Apart from this you can try survey. But selecting in survey is rare.

You can do some easy tasks in tasks option.But don't waste too much time in that. You may get frustrated. Try only if the tasks are easy.

10 swag bucks are guaranteed daily if you play games. Two swagbucks will be awarded after playing two games whether u win or lose.

Last before, you can earn some swagbucks through searching swagbucks search engine, But use it carefully. Avoid very quick searches. They will provide two times these swagbucks in a day. I used to get swagbucks for searching during morning and evening each one time approximately 4 to 5 swagbucks

The last but not least, you can gain more through referring friends.
You will get up to 1000 swagbucks from your each referrals.

And I forgot to mention about swagcodes. Swagcodes released through many media like Facebook, twitter,swagbucks blog, swagbuck widget etc.

But you can get them directly by visiting or

If you are a good flash game player, you can participate in game tournaments and earn more.